VOIP Internet Telephony delivers flexibility
and affordability

Internet Telephone

Moving from a fixed landline telephone system to an Internet based VOIP system can save your business money and deliver greater flexibility.

We've teamed up with SOHO66 to provide you with the best service VOIP services.

If you need a cheap second telephone line and you have a reliable broadband connection, a VOIP solution is by far the most sensible answer.

With geographical numbers available from £2.99 per month, it's far cheaper than installing and renting a second physical line.

And that's not the only advantage. Because VOIP is a "telephone line" that is accessed through the Internet, you can answer your telephone from any location anywhere in the World that has an Internet connection.

In other words, if you're a workaholic on holiday in Australia, you can take your "phone line" with you without expensive redirection charges.

In fact, calling a Taunton based geographical number that's being answered in Australia through a VOIP service costs no more for the caller or the person being called. And calls made through a VOIP service are usually cheaper than those made through a landline.

To provide you with the best service, Clover Consultancy has teamed up with SOHO66. Click here to find out more about their VOIP services

And feel free to contact us on 01823 336220 (yes it is a VOIP number!) for all the help you need in setting up your own VOIP phone system.


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