Making your computer systems run smoothly and safely

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What do you do if your staff have a problem with their computers, if your network develops a glitch, if the Internet goes down?

Would you like to know how to...

  • Keep control of your computers, your network and your critical company data.
  • Enable your staff to work together more effectively, in or out of the office.
  • Backup everything easily.

Then talk to us at Clover consultancy.

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Do you try to solve the problem yourself, taking time away from your own work?

If you can't or it just takes too long, you can't get that time back.

Wouldn't it be good to have someone to call on with the experience to resolve your computer problems?

We can offer support for a set monthly fee or provide ad-hoc support as and when you need it.

Either way it would help to know you, your staff and your system before problems develop.

Call today to arrange a meeting. We'll visit you, discuss your needs and get to know you, your business and your system. There's no charge for this, but if at any point you do need help, we'll have a head-start in solving your IT problems.



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