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Sometimes it's a sudden slow-down and sometimes it just seems that your PC isn't running as fast as you remember it being when you booted it up for the first time.

Yes, PCs do get slower over time.

Software you install that runs in the background takes processing time and memory away from other applications. Some of those may be unnecessary and removing them would help to restore a little speed.

Snail with PC

Operating system and software updates from Microsoft will add to the weight of code that the PC has to deal with just in order to ready itself for running the applications you need.

It's a fact that Windows XP with all of the updates Microsoft sent out over its 14 year lifetime would not even run on an original minimum specification Windows XP machine. It just wouldn't have the power to deal with it

The antidotes to speed degradation over time may include a system re-installation, extra memory or a faster processor. Though a faster processor normally means a new machine.

If it's a sudden slow-down then some close examination by Clover Consultancy should reveal the problem and the solution and get you running at full speed again.



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